2020 Summit Events:

Public Fleet Summits are two-day educational events designed by Fleet Managers for Fleet Managers. The educational content of these events will explore best practices and challenge seasoned as well as emerging fleet professionals to grow and envision their fleet's potential for developing optimum efficiencies.   


For Fleet Managers, By Fleet Managers

Utah PFS - Postponed

Minnesota PFS - Postponed

Washington PFS -  Cancelled


"As fleet professionals, we are public servants and stewards of the public's time and money. When we go to conferences and seminars, we have to ask ourselves whether we received any value for our agency. While attending the first day of the Public Fleet Summit (PFS), I felt I took more away from it than many of the recent conferences that I have attended over the last couple of years. The second day, those thoughts were confirmed. I was truly impressed with the content, the speakers, and the interaction among the participants. PFS is a well-organized seminar that brings value back to your organization."

Gary Lentsch, CAFM
Eugene Water & Electric Board
Eugene, Oklahoma

Sample Public Fleet Summit Agenda

Day 1
General Session
7:20-7:50 Registration and Coffee
7:50-8:20 Welcome and Introductions
8:20-8:50 The Financial Side of Fleets
8:50-9:25 Breaking Down and Understanding Your Fleet Rental Rates
9:25-9:45 Contract Purchasing
9:45-10:00 Break and Networking
10:00-10:30 Getting the Most Out of Your Fleet Management Information System
10:30-11:05 How GPS and Telematics Will Improve Your Fleet Operations
11:05-11:25 Not Your Father's Auction - Merging Technology and Vendor Insight to Ensure Transparency and Accountability in Your Surplus Program
11:25-12:10 Lunch and Networking
Afternoon Sessions  
12:10-12:30 Providing Visibility to Achieve Efficient Fleet Operations
12:30-1:35 Fleet Replacement Strategies
1:35-1:55 Supply Chain Management and Technician Training Solutions
1:55-2:10 Break and Networking
2:10-2:55 Fleet Forum - Open Discussion on Regional Fleet Issues
2:55-3:15 Using Technology to Better Manage Your Fleet
3:15-3:25 Break and Networking
3:25-3:55 How to Attract and Retain Quality Fleet Professionals
3:55-4:30 Defending Your Fully Burdened Shop Rate
4:30-TBD Day One Wrap-up Discussion - Combined PFS Speaking Team
Day 2
General Session  
7:30-8:00 Registration and Coffee
8:00-8:20 Day Two Opening Remarks and Discussion - Combined PFS Speaking Team
8:20-9:25 Emerging Technologies - Solutions For Today's Challenges Facing Regional Fleet Managers
9:25-9:55 How to Improve Your Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Program
9:55-10:30 Promoting a Safe and Healthy Work Environment
10:30-10:40 Break and Networking
10:40-11:45 Parts Management Program Best Practices
11:45-TBD Leading Fleets Contest Information - Professional Organizations - Door Prize Draw - Closing Remarks